Bethel College – Information & Media Services IMS

The Information and Media Services department will provide the highest quality technology-based services, in the most cost-effective manner, to support the College mission and operations in the areas of teaching, learning, and community service.

What do we support?

Our primary support-related task is to ensure the correct functioning of the college's wired and wireless networks, college-owned workstation computers, servers, and related hardware and software. Our first priority is to make sure the equipment we manage is working well. To a lesser degree, we also provide support services for student-owned computers and hardware, including troubleshooting and some repair work on student-owned desktop and laptop computers.

What don't we support?

While we do try to answer questions regarding the use of software applications, we don't have the time or staffing to provide training or extended assistance for users of software, including Microsoft Office, on campus. We also don't support home computers or questions and problems not relevant to computing at Bethel College.