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Action Required: Two-Step Verification for Bethel Google Accounts

17 March 2023

To improve our security posture and for compliance purposes, we will be incorporating Two-Step Verification on all Bethel email accounts. While our users have always had the option to turn this feature on, we are now required to enforce it. In the future, we will also need to enable Two-Factor Authentication on other things, like the VPN, Moodle, and even campus computer logins.

What is Two-Step Verification:

Two-Step Verification (also known as “Two-Factor” or “Multifactor Authentication”) adds an additional layer of security when you sign in to an account by requiring you to log in with a password and an additional security measure (e.g., a security code that is delivered to a mobile device via text or mobile app, a USB security key, or backup codes).

Who will this effect:

Two-Step Verification will eventually be enabled for all Bethel email addresses, but we have elected to start by enabling this for faculty and staff accounts. If you have an email address that ends with, you will need to enroll. This will also include departmental email addresses and retirees.

All Bethel employees must self-enroll in Two-Step Verification by May 1, 2023, but we encourage self-enrollment as soon as possible. Users who do not get enrolled by May 1st will not be able to log into their Google account without intervention from IMS.

Beginning March 24, 2023, you will start receiving a prompt at each login reminding you to enroll in Two-Step Verification if you have not already done so. We will also be sending periodic email reminders as the May 1st deadline approaches.

Attached you will find a short document that will help guide you through the process.

As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at if you have any questions.